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Shield Platinum Protection

Personal Protection Services in Corona, CA

At Shield Platinum Protection, we take great pride in providing our clients with the best personal protection services in Corona, CA. We understand that certain individuals, such as executives, face greater threats in today’s increasingly complex and occasionally sociopolitical landscape. For this reason, we have embraced all the best in modern technology and techniques to ensure the protection of our clients.

Don’t place your personal protection into less experienced hands; place your trust in our veteran organization instead. Our disciplined professionals have dedicated themselves to providing our clients with the kind of security often relegated to delegates and political leaders. We believe you deserve the best and our services consistently reflect this belief. Learn how you can get executive protection in Corona, CA, that you can trust by reaching out to our experienced team today.

Protective Surveillance and More

Our experienced personnel and high-tech equipment are the first steps in securing the perimeter of your home. We’ll closely monitor the activity in and around your property and keep you regularly updated. Since all properties and customers are different, we personalize our approach to accommodate your specific needs.

In addition to surveillance, our personal protection services include personnel who are trained to patrol your property. We do everything it takes to prevent threats from affecting your safety and wellbeing. Under our watch, you and your family are fully protected. Call us today to secure your home.

Patrolling Your Property

Surveillance and general protection is only the beginning when you choose Shield Platinum protection. Our substantial resources allow us to provide our clients with full private patrol services, providing trained personnel to manually survey your property. We take all threats to your safety seriously and are always open to your questions and concerns -- we want our clients to feel comfortable and secure at all times. Don’t worry about all the nooks and crannies in your estate; we will work tirelessly to ensure that no corner goes unchecked and no unwanted individuals enter your home or business.

Superior Residential Security in Corona, CA

Shield Platinum Protection provides clients with the highest standard of residential security in Corona, CA. To ensure your safety in today’s complicated world, we apply the latest technology, training, and techniques to protect your home. Our disciplined professionals will give you the level of security usually reserved for politicians or visiting delegates. As our client, your complete safety and peace of mind are our highest priorities.

Our clients include executives and other higher-profile individuals who may face external threats. We offer 24/7 private protection to prevent anything from happening to you or your family.

Contact us for full security services customized to meet your individual needs. Our Corona, CA, organization is dedicated to your protection.