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Shield Platinum Protection


Professional and Efficient Commercial Security Services in Corona, CA

Security is only as good as the officers who provide it. Shield Platinum Protection assures the support of trained and skilled bodyguards. They’re ready to provide commercial security services in Corona, CA, around the clock. There’s no need to take chances with the safety of your property or personnel. We offer an easy solution for secure premises and a protected workforce with a range of security jobs that cover every need.

Our team can customize security services to your operational needs. Whether you require guards to oversee valuables or officers for access control, we can help. Each team member of Shield Platinum Protection is agile and adaptable with a varied skill set.

Armed security services in Corona, CA.

Services Tailored to Your Situation

We can customize our security services to the needs of your business and property. If you require guards to oversee valuables or need officers to provide access control, we can help. It is in the DNA of our company to be agile and adaptable in our assistance to customers, so rest assured we can provide a varied skill set for your particular needs.

Effective Business Support

You don’t want to be dealing with shrinkage in your inventory due to theft. We don’t want that for you either and provide the solution in the form of our  officers. You have the option of choosing from either uniformed or plainclothes officers, or a combination, to address the situation at your business. Our officers are prepared to detect and stop all forms of theft.

Shopping Center Security That’s There When You Can’t Be

Theft takes a toll on any business,  officers like ours can help keep it from happening. Choose from either uniformed or plainclothes officers, Each one is prepared to detect and stop all forms of theft.

You can’t be everywhere at once, but our officers can. That ability is invaluable when an alarm is sounding, and you’re unable to be there after it happens. Our alarm response services can take care of it quickly once you contact us online or by phone. Vehicle patrol officers respond immediately, and if a crime is in progress, they stop it and detain the suspects.

Contact us to learn about how we can handle all your security needs. We proudly serve clients in Corona, CA, and the surrounding area.