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Around-the-Clock Security Services in Corona, CA

Turn to Shield Platinum Protection to acquire security services in Corona, CA, for your home or business establishment. As security, we also search for potential fire hazards with our fire watch service.

Armed security services in Corona, CA.

Alarm Response

You do not have to worry about alarms going off. Contact us via phone or online, and we will be your alarm response patrol. In case of emergency, our vehicle patrol officers are always on standby to respond to your needs immediately. If there is a crime in progress, we will stop it and detain the suspects involved.

Fire Watch

We highly recommended this service for buildings or construction sites. Rest assured that our officers are fully trained and experienced in fire watch services. In the event of a fire or safety hazard that is not manageable, one of our officers will dispatch the local fire department for immediate assistance in resolving the problem.

Loss Prevention

Choose from either plainclothes undercover officers or uninformed ones to detect and stop all forms of theft. Our unarmed or armed security officers make sure they are always on location to provide sustained security and protection support to your property, site, or apartment.